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64 recent flickr favs

Sharing favs works much better on Flickr than Instagram

I had fun faving 70 photos on Flickr tonight. I was searching street installation, pavement installation, and site specific. You can’t really make a screenshot of your favs like this on Instagram. Flickr is better than Instagram! To make this screenshot, I made the page smaller by descreasing the zoom in my Chrome browswer. I used […]

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Searching my flickr favs for Paris

Can I search through my Instagram favorites?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you search through your favorites. You can see a grid of your favorite photos. But there is no search. If there is a photo you fav’d a while ago, and you want to pull it back up, good luck! You’ll have to scroll and scroll through your favs list to find […]

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Before and after, Tribune Tower

Flickr’s “search for similar photos”

Most of us are familiar with Google’s reverse image search. Pick any photo online, and Google can find a photo that is similar (or identical). It’s a very fun tool to play around with. I’ve used it to: Search for a painting hanging up in a Panera restaurant Find paintings that look like a beach […]

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Not wide enough

Take a wider pano than planned

When you are shooting a panoramic with your camera, do you ever wonder when you should stop sweeping across? When I was photographing this scene of the Chicago River, Initially, I was drawn to frozen Chicago River, and how part of it was yet to be frozen under the bridge. This pattern of unfrozen water […]

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Bridges up at Clark Street

Spudart photos reach pinnacle on Flickr

Every day Flickr ranks the top 500 photos posted to popular photo sharing service. 1.4 million photos are posted to the service every day, so to be ranked in the top 500 is quite an achievement. In 2014 alone, I am honored to say that seven (now ten) of my photos have been featured in […]

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