Favorite fourth grade memory?

Beau Bergeron is the artist behind the increasingly popular snow ghosts did an entertaining presentation to IDEO. On his website’s contact form one of the fields is “favorite fourth grade memory.”

Here’s my response:

learning multiplication. it showed me how things in life can not only happily add up, but happily exponentially compound.

Ok, so multiplication isn’t expontential. But you get the idea. What’s your favorite fourth grade memory?

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Tom Saaristo

My favorite 4th grade memory is playing Charlie Brown in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” and getting hit in the face with a whipped cream pie.


My teacher, Mrs. Dean, was just wonderful. She was interesting and interested in us. I remember telling my dad how much I liked her, and he agreed that Mrs. Dean was really special and unique. It made me feel valued — not only could I trust my own judgment, but I just basked in the attention of a really good educator.

Abhay Shah
Abhay Shah

Bears 1985 Super Bowl 2nd place is Challenger


c’mon, matt. i can think of two of the top of my head. Sadly, they are not really related to education. 1. The day we were allowed to bring our Transformers to class. I’m not sure how this came about, but it was a well-organized event. All the boys’ Transformers proudly stood on the long cabinet on the right side of the classroom. We were the absolute perfect age for the golden age of greatest toys of all time. 2. The days we got to watch the 1984 Chicago Cubs playoff games on WGN TV Channel 9 DURING CLASS. Kids nowadays don’t have this opportunity due to all the night games.


Wow, I HATED learning multiplication. It had me in tears. Math has always been difficult for me. I had to be put in a special “slow” group… My favourite part? Probably memorising poems and reciting them to the class. And reading. And visiting a California mission and making a 3d model of it. 🙂


Mine has to be the end-of-year class trip to New York City! But that whole year was a good one. Those snow ghosts are cute! I’d love to run across something like that.