1991-1995 Mix Tapes from Spudart

High School and College Tape Mixes

In high school and college, I made mix tapes from recording the radio. Occasionally there might be a few songs mixed in from albums borrowed from the Oak Lawn Library. For context, I graduated high school in 1993, college in 1997. It’s fun to look back at the songs captured from that era.

One of these days it would be fun to convert these over to one long mp3 file for each cassette side. Then again, I need to do that with the radio show that Erik and I did for four years at Wesleyan.

Macro of High School and College tape mixes

I thought I decorated these more, but at least I customized the fonts. The start of my graphic design career!

High School and College Tape Mixes (song listings)

Below the jump is the song list for all the tapes (if you don’t see the list, click on the comments link)
The song listings of my college and high school tape mixes from the radio. My handwriting looks to be really bad from those days. lol. Plus, it’s funny to see how I would abbreviate words like how kids do now-a-days. Apparently I never liked to spell out the word “You,” it’s always “U.”

I. Fall 1991 (side A)

Red, Red Wine

All 4 Love

Memory Bliss

All I Want

Mysterious Ways

Nuttin gonna break my style

C’mon get my love

I’m so glad you’re mine

I’m the 1 and only

Love Crazy

I. Fall 1991 (side B)

You can call me Al

She wants 2 dance

I love your smile

Joy, Rain

Lean on me

Motown family

Sending all my love

Motown family

Here I am

E’ery lil’ step

II. Fall 1991-2 (side A)


Suicidal Blonde

Opposites Attract

In the living years

Joy, joy


Keep together

Can’t stop

Every lil Step

Must’ve been love

Dream Girl

Can’t Touch This

II. Fall 1991-2 (side B)

Can’t touch this (cont’d)

Straight up

4-ever Young

Don’t b cruel (real short)

All 4 love (real short, too)

III. Winter 1991-1992 (side A)

Lauba dauba (reggae)

Higher, higher

Pick up the pace

She’s dangerous

Justified and Ancient

U could b so good 2 me

U take my breath away

Kiss ’em 4 me


Simply Irresistable

Get a lil crazy

Get outta my dreams

When I see u smile



III. Winter 1991-1992 (side B)

Back to life

In the name of love

I’ll get by

Take my breath away

IV. Winter 1991-1992 (side A)


IV. Winter 1991-1992 (side B)

Stand by Me

Walk with it

I’ve got my mind set on u

All 4 love

Let’s Rock n Roll

Justified and Ancient

It’s my perogative

Can’t get u outta my mind

Heaven and earth

Still rock n roll to me

E’ery breath u take



V. Spring 1992 (side A)

The way you do

Romeo and Juliet

Don’t be cruel

Good vibration

I’ll be yo

Live and learn


I’ll be yo

Motown family

Wake me up


Too much passion

I can’t sing

Outta control

I can’t wait

V. Spring 1992 (side A)

Just wanna be close 2 u

Heaven and Earth

Never tear us apart

Set Adrift

All Night

I like yo smile

All she wants to do

Move any mountain

Eery lil step

Baby it’s tonight

Can’t get u outta my mind

Wake me up

Private eyes

I’ll get by

VI. Spring 1992 (Side A)

2 much passion

Get outta my dreams

Red, red wine

When I see you smile

Can’t get you outta my mind


Addicted 2 love

James Brown is dead

She drives me crazy

Next 2 b w/ u

Listen 2 the

You R everything

I remember


VI. Spring 1992 (Side B)

TLC -continued-

Sunday afternoon

My perogative

Misalova? (reggae)

Do it 2 me 1 more time


Best things in life

Hungry heart

All right

Damn, I wish I was yo lover

Some guys have all the luck

She must be somebody’s baby

Good thing

Until your love

VII. Summer 1992 (side A)

Lauba, dauba (reggae)

I just wanna B close 2 U

Something there 2 remind me

How can we B lovers

Lift me up

Thinkin bout U

Together 4-ever

Never Satisified

Bad up the heart

I will B right here

You’re a friend of mine

Groovy kind of love

2 B w/ U

Just another day

4-ever Young

VII. Summer 1992 (side B)

I wanna B the 1

Please don’t go

Just can’t get enough

I need U now

Not complicated

Can’t get U outta my mind

If U leave


Don’t Be Afraid

Damn, I wish yo’ lover

All Night

Move This

Under the Bridge

VIII. Summer 1992 (side A)

Come an dTalk to Me

Humpin Around

Life is a Highway

Keep on Walking

All I Wanna Do

Mysterious Ways

I Wanna Love You Down

Bust the Move

Died in Your Arms


Beautiful Girl

Lied To You Baby

Not Enough Time

VIII. Summer 1992 (side B)

Not Enough Time (con’td)

I Like U just the way U R

Slow and Sexy

I You Leave

Street of Dreams (cut)

With or Without You

Eric Clapton

Talking in Your Sleep

I Can Dream About You

End of the Road

Got Me on My Knees

Do I Have to Say the Words

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Feel This Way

IX. Fall 1992 (side A)

Take A Chance on Me

Everyday People

What About Your Friends

Oh Girl

All I Want Is To Feel This Way

I Feel Good

Don’t Pass Me Over

Jump Around

I Like the Way

Sweet, Sweet Divine Thing

Rescue Me

You’re Unbelieveable


IX. Fall 1992 (side B)

Kick It Hype

If I Ever Fall In Love

Something He Could Feel

Not Enough Time

Damn, I wish I was your Lover

Now That We Found Love

Baby, I Believe In You

Lil’ Miss Can’t Be Wrong

How Do You Talk To an Angel

Johnny, Have You Seen Her

X. Winter 1992/1993 (side A)

That Tarzan Song

Mr. Window


It’s My Life

Everything I Do

Don’t Lose My Number

Rhythm Is A Dancer

Electric Avenue

Murder She Wrote

Daylight Come

Just Can’t Get Enough

Hey Love

I Believe In Us

X. Winter 1992/1993 (side B)

I Believe in Us (cont’d)

Everybody Needs Somebody

Mysterious Ways

I Totally Miss You

Restless Heart

A Whole New World



Patient Eyes

Hold Me Now

In Your Eyes

Hip Hop Hooray

G Thing

XI. Spring 1993 (side A)

I’m Cool Like That

Preacher Teacher

Right Kind of Love

Now That We Found Love – Heavy D

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – Elton John


That’s Just the Way It Is



When Love Comes To Town – U2

Pride (In the Name of Love) – U2

I Wanna Be Rich

XI. Spring 1993 (side B)

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

In the LIfe Again

I Can Dream About You – Dan Hartman

Even a Fool Can See – Peter Satara

Get Into My Car

I Want A Girl – Jeremy Jordan

Hit me?


Just Think of Me (I’ll Be There) – Escape Club

Just Can’t Get Enough

Dance To The Rhythym

Shout – Tears For Fears

XII. Summer 1993 (side A)

Falling in Love – UB40

Kiss ‘Em For Me – U2

Step it Up – Stereo MC’s

Lover, Lover, Lover (You don’t Treat Me Good No More)

I’m Gonna be (500 Miles) – Proclaimers

Dance All Day Long – Wang Chung

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins

Stand By Me

This Feeling Inside – Brian & Tony

Sweat – Iner Circle

Wild Wild West – Escape Club

How Do You Talk To An Angel – The Heights

Can’t Fight This Feeling (cut)

XII. Summer 1993 (side B)

Can’t Fight This Feeling (con’td) – REO Speedwagon

I Will Remember You – Amy Grant

River Through A Stream – Billy Joel

Girl, I’ve Been Hurt

Do You Remember – Michael Jackson

If I Had No Loot – Toni Toni Toni

That’s The Way It Has To Be (cut)

Time After Time – Madonna

What Up Dog? – Was (Not Was)

Don’t You Forget About Me

Shake That Booty

The Way You Make Me Feel – MIchael Jackson

I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Surrender to Me – Ann Wilson

XIII. Summer/Fall 1993 (side A)


XIII. Summer/Fall 1993 (side B)


XIV. Winter 1993/1994 (side A)

Come Baby Come

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (short)

Get Up

Twilight Zone

In that Life Again

Feel the Vibration

Push It


No Limit

More and More and More



It Feels Good

Dum-diddy-diddy-dum (cut)

XIV. Winter 1993/1994 (side B)

Dum-diddy-diddy-dum (cont’d)

Gave You All My Lovin’ (short)

Funk That

Groovy Groovy Jazzy Funky

Nuttin But G-Thang (cut)

Insane in the brain (cut)

I Saw The Sign

Funk Jazz Thing (cut)

What About Us

Back to the Hotel

Stay W/ Me Tonight

Give It Up

Understand This Groove

Tab the bottle

Stay w/ Me Tonight

Mr. Wendal

I’m Gonna Get You Baby

XV. Winter 1993/1994 (side A)

Loving You All My LIfe

Just Stop

Why Something or other

We’ve Only Just Begun

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Get Busy

Power (Gospel Mix)

Get Funky

Without You

Slam – Onyx

Let the Music Take Control

Hip-Hop Something


XV. Winter 1993/1994 (side B)


I’m Tired of the Perculator

Whatta Man

I Like to Move It

I’ll Take My LIfe W/o You

In The Name of Love

If It Isn’t Love

I’ll Never Let You Go – Sweet Sensation

Dazzey Dukes (Remix)

Girl You See Me Cryin’

Get Funky

I Will Be Strong

Dance Thing

Maria (fast)

XVI. Spring 1994 (side A)

You Look Wonderful 2-night

Mysterious Ways (Remix) – U2

Don’t You Forget About Me

What Might’ve Been

Power of Love – Celine Dion

Heart Deserves a 2nd Chance

Everyday – Phil Collins


XVI. Spring 1994 (side B)


Don’t Run Away – Whitney

She Takes My Breath Away

Start It Over

When Saints Come Marching In – Dr. John

Some Kind of Wonderful

There She Goes – The Boo Redleys

Long Day In The Universe (Remix) Darling Buds

Eddie Money/ Right Here

XVII. Spring/Summer 1994 (side A)

Carolina – Shaggy

Here We Go Now (cut)

Let Me Check (cut)

How ‘Bout That – Jesus Jones


Work It (cut)

What’s Going On? (remix) 4 non-blondes

Pump Up the Volume

People, People

Free Your Mind – En Vogue

XVII. Spring/Summer 1994 (side B)


Mr. Vain

XVIII. Summer 1994 (side A)


XVIII. Summer 1994 (side B)


XIX. Summer/Fall 1994 (side A)

Return to Innocence – Midnight Mix – Egnima

All I Want Is You – U2

I’m Nuttin’ – Ethan Hawke

Temped (94) – Squeeze

You Made Me The Thief of Your Heart – Sinead O’Connor

Bad Moon Rising – Creedence

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

A Little Bit of Heart and Soul

I Am the Warrior

Stay With Me

Turn To the Left, Turn to the Right

Oh In Another World

Peak-a-boo (cut)

XIX. Summer/Fall 1994 (side B)

Peak-a-boo – Suzie and the Banshees

We walked through door

Catch the Man

Desiiahhure (cute)


In the Name of Love (remix)

James Brown Is Dead – L.A. Style

Everyday People (Remix) Arrested Development

Daddy – Prince

Big Time Sensuality РBjörk

Never Gonna Get It (Remix) – En Vogue (cut)

XX. Fall 1994 (side A)

Tribal Dance

Twilight Zone

Jump Everybody Jump

Rhythm Is A Dancer

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Shake That Booty

Just Can’t Get Enough

James Brown Is Dead (cut)

XX. Fall 1994 (side B)

James Brown Is Dead (cont’d)


3AM Eternal

Run Away

It’s the Reversal of the

Move Any Mountain

Please Don’t Go


Push it

Why Waste Your Time?

XXI. Winter 1994 (side A)

Curve – Public Fruit

2 Unlimited Mix

Come Back to Me – Janet


Stoopid B96 Mix – Bobby D,

Big Boom-Boom


Fine Night Tonight

I Don’t Want Nobody But You

XXI. Winter 1994 (side B)

Made a Thief of My Heart Mix – Sinead O’Connor

I’m Free Remix – Soup Dragons

Iron Hook – Brian Meddleton

The Super Bowl Shuffle

Stronger Than Steel – Don Reed Network

Ritual – Don Reed Network

Rainbow Child – Don Reed Network

Here Comes The Hotstepper – Ini Komozie

XXII. Winter 1995 (side A)

Curve – Public Fruit

I Need Some Action – reggae

I Won’t Cry

I You Want I You Gotta Believe

Everytime You Go Away


Booty, Iron Hook, Promise Me

Hit Me

Rounda Rounda

I Never Should’ve

Let U Go

Shake Your Butt, Lick It, Chateur

Slip & Slide

I Wanna Be So Close To U

XXII. Winter 1995 (side B)

Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone

Everybody Look Alive, Come Alive

Everybody Dance Now

Check Out the Hook

Everybody, Everybody

Boom Shlaka – House of Pain

You’re Going to Get What You Deserve

Because The Night

Neil Armstrong

Ar you Pickin’ – Ozwatta

Free (remix) Soup Dragons


Degenerate – Sister Machine Gun

Classic Propaganda

XXIII. Missing Tape

XXIV. Winter 1995 (side A)

Tear down that Wall – Ronald Reagan

Of Empire – Infested (Benny Goodman mix)

I wanted to Be Free

Republic Speech

Rounda, Rounda (short)

She’s Dangerous On The Dance Floor

Get Away

Twilight Zone

Automatic Lover

Headhunter (remix) (cut) – Front 242

XXIV. Winter 1995 (side B)

Headhunter (remix) – Front 242

Wish – NIN (from Broken EP)

Killing In The Name Of – Rage Against the Machine

Dink – Gren Mine

Sure Shot – Beastie Boys

Summer Vibes – Ken Booth

In The Summertime – Inner Circle

Dream On

XXV. Spring 1995 (side A)


XXV. Spring 1995 (side B)


XXVI. Summer 1995 (side A)


XXVI. Summer 1995 (side B)


XXVII. Summer 1995 (side A)

High Energy 88.7

Trippin’ – Level 1

I Wanna Know What’s On Your Mind

Turn Around

Cool Cat

Livin’ Sculpture’s Cloud

Moving Up ~ Down (Bahp-Bop)

Mya Moya Muya

Numbers That Reality (Sha-la)

Move It On

XXVII. Summer 1995 (side A)

Secret Renedevous

Every Time I see You Falling

Gotta Move On

Won’t You Take Me To FunkyTown

High Energy 88.7

1, 2, 3 Follow Me

I Wanna Be With You


Ooo Sugah, Sugah

Oh-woo-Oh B9g Maxx

I Had a Dream

XXVIII. Missing

XXIX. (side A)


XXIX. (side B)


XXX. (side A)


XXX. (side B)


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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

What an outstanding collection of music!

15 years ago

Wow, I can’t believe you had tapes like this too! That’s so cool. It’s like finding a time capsule. I want to convert mine to mp3s also – I taped a lot of things like interviews, live performances, and band trivia that is probably impossible to find. Although it’s probably also no longer of interest to anyone 🙂 You had a radio show AND there are tapes of it? ha! I need to hear this.

15 years ago

That’s some crazy collection of recordings!

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