How to buy an extension cord for your surge protector

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Often the cords on surge protectors are too short to reach the wall outlet. We bend the cord around the corner of a shelf creating a tight turn and causing a hazard. You might think, “Oh, it’s only a slight bend.” Yeah, that’s what I thought when I put my cord behind my file cabinet, and then the cabinet ended up on top of the cord!

Here’s what to consider when you want to extend the cord of your surge protector.

1) Don’t use a weak little extension cord

Common sense. A big momma surge protector with a big momma cord can’t be hooked into the wall using a tiny cord.

2) Don’t use an outdoor extension cord

Not only are they insanely long, but they also tend to be 10 amps. A good surge protector will be 15 amps.

3) Buy a Major Appliance Cord.

Ace Major Appliance Cord

Major appliance cords have at least 15 amps—the same amp level as your surge protector. This one in particular has 15 feet of cord to give you the flexibility to put your surge protector wherever you want without bending the cord.

This is part of a series covering surge protector safety for National Check your Surge Protector Day.

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15 years ago

Many home circuits are run through 10 amp breakers/fuses. Some 15amp, bigger stuff like laundry rooms are usually on 20amp or more. So in many cases a 15amp surge protector is overkill, if you run enough stuff on it to draw 15amps, chances are good you’ll blow a breaker in your electrical box. So there! 😛

15 years ago

Also, the ASIN for that extension cord on amazon totally says B000GARZ!

15 years ago

You should totally run an extension cord to a washing machine.

Eliana Briones
15 years ago

I think this is getting out of hand.

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