11/11: National Check your Surge Protectors Day

Image courtesy Dark Roasted Blend

I hereby declare every November 11 to be National Check your Surge Protectors Day.

While organizing my computer cords, BOTH of my surge protectors’ cords were pinched underneath my file cabinet! I’m very glad to find these pinched cords before they caused a fire. I was considering making November 10 to be the day, because that’s when I discovered my pinched cords, but 11/11 has all those ones in it, they kinda look like surge protectors. So 11/11 is the official day!

This week spudart.org will feature posts covering:

  • What to do if your power cords have been pinched or bent.
  • What to look for when buying a new surge protector.
  • How to buy an extension cord for your surge protector.

Electrical problems are the cause of more than 40,000 home fires in the United States each year. Stay tuned to spudart.org for tips and be safe!

If it’s too hard to look behind your shelves to see how the cords from your Surge Protector are doing, send in a monkey, like the one pictured above. Monkeys love wires.

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15 years ago

A useful reminder. I bet some of my surge protectors are getting a bit too old…

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