Send me a dream through instant messenger

Send me a dream through instant messenger

Before I went to bed, I put this away message on my instant messenger: “Sleeping. Send me a dream through instant messenger.” It’s fun to think that someone could send a dream via instant messenger into my head while I’m sleeping.

What dream would you put into my head while I’m asleep?

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14 years ago

Jesse Jackson Jr had a press conference denying he was candidate number 5 in the blagojevich pay to play scandal. I dreamt that exact same press conference a week prior. I don’t think I’d want to IM you that dream.

14 years ago

YAY! I made a cameo in your screenshot!

14 years ago

Trying to bring your idea closer to the real world with “Send Me A Dream 2.0

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I made a cameo too! Wii! Uh … weeee!

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