Year: 2012

1960 Topps folded in half

Why would I be so excited to see a baseball card folded in half? Find out on my baseball blog: “Fold a baseball card to create excitement.”

Can I speak Estonian?

Ma ei räägi eesti keelt, mida mälu. Ma ei oska eesti keelt läbi Google Translate. Minu murre on Google Translate murre Eesti. Võin rääkida iga töö Eesti Google Translate olemasolu. Minu väga sõnad siin on tõend selle kohta vööri alla, enne kui me tegelikult. For those who want to read this in English.

Art Institute of Chicago’s Annual Sock Sliding Competition

This photo makes me want to take off my shoes, run across the floor, and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. The Art Institute’s new modern wing is nice. They should hold annual sock-sliding competitions. Maybe I’ll start an unofficial one with a couple people. When the guards ask us what we are doing, I’ll reply, “It’s the Annual Sock …

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Retiring ten numbers for one player

In the news highlights, I saw a Bulls player wearing what appeared to be number 23. Upon a closer look, his uniform number was revealed to be Marquis Teague wearing 25. Maybe the Bulls should retire all the numbers in the 20s.

The NHL lockout stops me from…

It’s so much fun throwing things out a 14th floor window. The thing I find frustrating about the NHL lockout: it is prohibiting the possibility of me throwing paper out my 14th floor window again. When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, Chicago threw a celebration parade downtown. From my window at work …

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Where I want to take vacation

Some day I want to take a vacation at Messier 36 of the Perseus Arm. It contains no red Giants, but the luminosity of the brightest member is about 360 times that of the Sun.

28 degrees is not cold

I know people on other sub-zero-temperature planets who would love to have 28 degrees. When i tell them it’s 28 degrees, they say, “snaaaaap. it’s warm there!” Which planets? Ones in our galaxy. I talk with the peeps over in the Butterfly Cluster of the Orian-Cygnus Arm. Aka the constellation of Scorpius.

Play music from a piece of paper

What if you could slide a scanner device across a sheet of paper and have it automatically play the sound? It would be much like a needle making sound from a record. But this would instead be on a piece of paper. Does something like this already exist? This idea was inspired when I saw …

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Cute orangutan

When you google orangutan, look at the cute photo that shows up in the sidebar!

Who is the most urban superhero?

Which superhero is the most urban superhero? And I’m not just talking about the action just happens to take place in a city. I’m talking about a superhero who lives and breaths what it means to be in the city. Fighting crime in the alleys on the streets on the sidewalks. First superhero I think …

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