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New word: pinbombed

word: pinbombed definition: When someone pins many many pins of the same topic/theme to Pinterest, so it takes over the screen when someone looks through their feed. example: I just pinbombed 30 different photos of potatoes! All my followers will have to scroll through a potatoland field! tags: pinterest, pin, pinning, bomb, attack, a lot, …

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New word: overload

word: overload definition: When something is so immensely cute, overload encompasses the object that is cute and the feeling of cute. The viewer becomes completely whelmed, thus one’s feelings goes on overload. And the object of cuteness is an overload of cute. example: 1) I am so on overload by this cute puppy! 2) This …

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New word: cohog

word: cohog definition: Two people who take up all the space on the couch. example: Hey, why can’t you make room for me on the couch!? You two are such cohogs! tags: hogs, rude, inconsiderate, couch, manners, polite, bad-mannered, barbarian, barbaric, obscene, uncivilized, ungracious, wild first usage:

New word: buoyant poop

Definition: The type of poop that doesn’t flush down the toilet on the first try. Example: I don’t understand how people don’t watch to see if their poopies go down. Sometimes they are very buoyant poop. Tags: poop, crap, poo, poopies, toilet, float, floating, buoyant Source: Tweet by mattshealth, December 7, 2011 Submitted to urbandictionary: …

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New word: putemup

word: putemup definition: The interjection one yells while one’s fists are raised and is requesting that the other person engage in a brawl. Short for “put em up.” example: You just ate all my milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn!? Putemup! Putemup. tags: fight, brawl, fist, fistacuffs, ask, request, engage, interjection, put, em, up

New word: lll

word: lll definition: laughing laughing laughing. Not just a short laugh. Not just a laugh out loud. But a prolonged laugh of good length. example: Did you see that potato? lll tags: laugh, laughing, long, extended, length, happy, funny, hilarious, acronym, netspeak Thanks to unlikelymoose for coming up with this definition over IM. For those …

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New word: CRZAY

Word: CRZAY Definition: When something is beyond crazy. You can’t even get yourself to say crazy the normal way, you end up saying CRZAY. Example: Person 1: This donut is so CRZAY. Person 2: You mean crazy? Person 1: Did you hear what I just said? I said CRZAY. Tags: ape, batty, berserk, bonkers, cuckoo, …

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photo courtesy dancoulter via creative commons license I just submitted a new definition to urbandictionary.com for OTR: Over Thecounter Robot. When someone starts a chat with you and it says, “Encrypted OTR chat initiated.” It doesn’t really mean “off the record.” It means “Over Thecounter Robot,” because Gregor the Xtreme is now encrypting the chat …

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NEW WORD: amehzing

amehzing Definition: Combination of “meh” and “amazing.” The situation where one person finds something amazing and the other person finds it meh. In order to come to a conclusion about the situation, both parties can agree to call it amehzing. Usage: Person 1: Dude, Star Wars is so amazing! Person 2: meh Person 3: I …

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NEW WORD: super-fragglistic!

super-fragglistic definition: 1. Adjective. (to describe something that is really good). 2. Interjection. (used to express delight or happiness). example: as in, “Wow! This is super-fragglistic coffee!” etymology: Fraggle Rock. Because Fraggle Rock rules. You know it.

NEW WORD: Whoat!

whoat definition: Interjection. (used to express surprise or confusion. a combination between “whoa” and “what”). example: as in, “Whoat! You must be kidding!”