New word ideas


word: WHOAAAAMAZING definition: Combination of whoa and amazing. When something surprises you at first. And then you sit down and admire it’s amazing character. example: WHOAAAAMAZING! Look at all those fireflies! I have never seen such a sight. tags: whoa, amazing, incredible, wow, interjection, surprise, delight first usage: BrWe: fireflies! i love fireflies Matt: …

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New word: whodda whadda howdda?

word: whodda whadda howdda? definition: Another way of saying “who?! what?! how?!” Usually spoken in shock. example: Your cat is not vegetarian? Whodda whadda howdda? tags: who, what, how, interjection, surprise, shock, unbelieveable, awe, confusion, excitement, hysteria, jolt, stupor, whammy first usage: Brwe: craigy’s cat food just came in Matt: oh! yum! did you try …

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New word: putemup

word: putemup definition: The interjection one yells while one’s fists are raised and is requesting that the other person engage in a brawl. Short for “put em up.” example: You just ate all my milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn!? Putemup! Putemup. tags: fight, brawl, fist, fistacuffs, ask, request, engage, interjection, put, em, up

New word: lll

word: lll definition: laughing laughing laughing. Not just a short laugh. Not just a laugh out loud. But a prolonged laugh of good length. example: Did you see that potato? lll tags: laugh, laughing, long, extended, length, happy, funny, hilarious, acronym, netspeak Thanks to unlikelymoose for coming up with this definition over IM. For those …

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New word: CRZAY

Word: CRZAY Definition: When something is beyond crazy. You can’t even get yourself to say crazy the normal way, you end up saying CRZAY. Example: Person 1: This donut is so CRZAY. Person 2: You mean crazy? Person 1: Did you hear what I just said? I said CRZAY. Tags: ape, batty, berserk, bonkers, cuckoo, …

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The word “onemegabyte” sounds so cool. Too bad the domain and twitter account are taken. And yet there is no website and no tweets. Nothing is being stored on that onemegabyte.

New word: idontbelieveinsearchengines

I’m excited to submit another word to urbandictionary, because hopefully the high-culture elitists at urbandictionary reject the word and then my list of rejected words will grow. Here we have the new word “idontbelieveinsearchengines” Word: idontbelieveinsearchengines Definition: When you ask someone a question because you are too lazy to Google it. Usage: Hey, how many …

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The new word for cool is JAMONIT

Jamonit! That’s how to say cool. It comes from the song “Jam on it” by Newcleus: On June 22, 2011 I started the trend by making a bunch of tweets with #jamonit! FractalSphere: LOL that's hilarious! RT @spudart Can we have a movie where breakdancers face off against parkour peeps? #idea #jamonit #bestmovieever View Tweet …

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NEW WORD: wird

wird def: Weird and wild example: The bears play tonight? That’s wird.

NEW WORD: qdobbing

qdobbing When you go to qdoba multiple times a week to milk their coupon offers. “Oh man, I am totally qdobbing their offers this week. I know they probably only want you to go once a week, but I’m qdobbing this deal up.” –source IM conversation, spudart with sparxmind and Lisa S.

Urban dictionary rejected my word submission for noodlefoamtubeannihilate is the alternative dictionary for slang, subculture words, phrases, and phenomena not found in standard dictionaries. I love the site, because users submit totally crazy definitions for words–both existing words and totally new words. All my submissions for new words in the past have been approved. Words such as super-fragglistic, amehzing, IHYDM, whoat!, and …

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