New word: smackless



(adj) Spelled Pronunciation[smack-lis]

Origin: Starting in 2005 Yahoo Fantasy Football allowed competitors to have “smack talk” appear by their team name. Smack is comments either boasting up oneself or against another team. When one of the teams don’t have any reply to the other team’s smack, they are rendered smackless.

1. temporarily deprived of smack by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.: speechless with alarm. Example when a players is so overcome by the smack delievered by another player, one may become smackless and have nothing to say.

The icon Yahoo uses to indicate new smack is kinda interesting when it’s blown up big:

It literally looks like something is getting smacked.

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15 years ago

that is also the icon to indicate that you have new mail

14 years ago

i think an icon of Mr. T would have worked better for the smack talk icon.

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