2006 versus 2007 in Battle Royale

Sporting events

2006: Winter Olympics, World Baseball Classic, and the World Cup.

2007: No big crazy sporting events

Winner: 2006

Chinese Year

2006: Year of the dog

2007: Year of the pig

Winner: 2006

Year of

2006: Year of Mozart, marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

2007: International Polar Year

Winner: 2006 (although i’m leaning toward the international polar year, but let’s get back to reality. Mozart’s 250th!)

Oh no! 2006 has 2007 on the ropes! Just one more punch…


2006: Six. Devil number.

2007: Seven. Number of heaven.

Winner: 2007

2007 comes back and delivers the death blow! 2007 is the winner! Despite it losing in all rounds but one, I just like how 2007 sounds better. Therefore 2007 wins.

Are there any more rounds of comparison between 2006 and 2007 that I missed? Oh, I got one.

Roman Numeral

2006: MMVI

2007: MMVII

Winner: 2007 (MMVII is a nice symmetrical number)

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17 years ago

it’s hard to believe we had an olympics last year (2006). It seems so long ago. I’m gonna go through olympics withdrawl this year.

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