2,500 different artists

Since joining last.fm a couple years ago, I’ve listened to 2,500 different artists. Cool! (That’s out 12,687 plays). I highly recommend last.fm. It’s free. You can type in artist or a tag, and it will play related music. It’s a great way to discover music. Plus you get super cool stats about what you listen to the most. (It syncs up with your iTunes). If you join, please let me know. I would like to friend you on last.fm. (I’m user spudart)

My 2,500th artist played is Lee Morgan. I found him by playing the Miles Davis radio. Below is a screenshot from part of Lee Morgan’s last.fm page.

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11 years ago

thanks to you’re tweet last week, I gave it a whirl and I am now a happy Last.fm user. Thanks for the tip!

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