A thankful homeless person

It’s gotta be really hard to be homeless and have to constantly ask for money or food all day long, only to have people reject you all the time. That’s one of the hardest things in life, when people reject you so much to the point that you basically don’t even exist. I can see how some homeless people can be really bitter. It’s hard.

But on Valentines Day, I encountered a delightful woman. I ordered a quick egg McMuffin at McDonalds by the Chicago Trump Tower (yes, i know many roll their eyes at McDonalds and their ways, but anyhow) and the cashier gave me this valentines day coupon for one free sweet tea. (It’ a new drink they are promoting). I was so pleasantly happy to get this valentines day coupon. For a FREE tea. I love tea! I love free things! And they are celebrating valentines day. It’s just all very sweet.

I ate my mcmuffin, and was walking out of the McDonalds adoring my fancy new hologram stamped coupon for a free tea. It just made me really happy. But i’m not writing about the coupon. Instead, I’m writing about this homeless woman sitting in Wrigley Building Plaza. (Y’know that space between the two buildings). At first I just walked by her, cuz i was too busy looking at my coupon. But I realized that this is sweet tea. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice sweet tea? I went over to her and asked, “Would you like a free sweet tea?” And she just broke out this big smile, “Why yes! Yes I would! Thank you!”¬ù And she just had this big smile on her face like it was so neat.

It made me so happy to share something that made me really happy. And I was also happy that someone would be so humble to be willing and happy to receive a gift from someone else. So thank you to this woman with her joyous thanks and heart on valentines day.

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Eliana Briones
14 years ago

That was so sweet. I bet you made her day. What I don’t get is what is that funky symbol that keeps popping up in the apostrophe place?

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

So sweet indeed!

14 years ago

That was really sweet. And it was Valentine’s Day. That made it more special.

14 years ago

awww that is so sweet. You did a good thing. I bet that woman did enjoy her tea very much. What a nice way to spend valentine’s day.

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