Abraham Lincoln photo battle

Abraham Lincoln: Face Forward Abraham Lincoln: three-quarters view

Which of these two Abraham Lincoln photos do you like more?

(on the left) Abraham Lincoln: Face Forward

(on the right) Abraham Lincoln: three-quarters view

At first I liked the three-quarters view, cuz it shows more depth. But then I like the full in-yo-face character of the face forward.

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16 years ago

face-foward. The nose is the focal-point of photo and it’s front and center. I don’t like how the nose is bleeding into the sky (white on white) in the three-quarter view. However, It’s nice to see how the nose goes from blackened bronze to greenish-gold bronze to white.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I like the 3/4 view better too. It actually looks like Lincoln in that photo.

16 years ago

There’s definitely a charm to the full on, but really as a Big Nose Shot.. The three-quarters view has a bit more depth and story. Um, three-quarters gets my vote!

16 years ago


16 years ago

Face forward. I like that his eyes are uneven.

16 years ago

definitely full frontal lincoln. 1. Its got a more death-mask feel (‘specially w/o the treeline) 2. The rubbing marks make it more mask-like or face-painted. In fact, it is only the knowledge of the nose that lets me know it is lincoln. There is really nothing else to remind me if that bust is not known. Except maybe the vacant, “i’m married to Mary Todd and I’m shot in the head” look. That’s a signifier, right?

Phantom of Opera
15 years ago

The the 3/4 view is the best. Never tried it, I’m thinking about giving it a try

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