Asking who is the winner of the debate

I think it’s funny how we ask who won debates. Is there ever truly a winner in a debate? Not saying that debates are bad, they are very very good. I tend to see debates as more of a discussion. Imagine at th end of a discussion with someone, you declare, “you know, i think i won this discussion.”

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12 years ago

Replay of what just happened: “Ahahahahaaa! ouch!” When will I learn? I will set down my cup of hot tea the next time I read your blog. This is hilarious and brilliant!

12 years ago

There’s no laffs in “who won the debate’ It’s more fun to try : “Who (or what) LOST the debate”. Some that are famous… Nixon’s 5 o’clock shadow (with JFK), McCains anxious pacing as Obama spoke. the Delaware 2010 senate candidate woman’s “is that in the constitution?”. Anyone have some others?

12 years ago

sports radio is always interesting to think about in terms of debate. It can easily be said that the host always “wins” the debate because they always have the last word and they impose their perspective throughout the course of the program.

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