Creating shadows and photographing them

A shadow of a pole going over a manhole got me thinking the other day about shadows. I could make cardboard cutouts of shapes and create my own shadows with this new generator i got. And then take photographs of the shadows.

There could be some interesting compositions to make. What sort of shadows should i make? And where?

— Godzilla shadow

— Groundhog

— foreshadowing–tell future

— a person’s shadow

— airplane

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Very cool idea How about… Flying saucer/Alien spaceship Rocket Any animal: dog, cow, alligator, monkey … As far as “where”, one idea would be to put the shadow on something it relates to, e.g. Godzilla shadow on a skyscraper, dog shadow on a fire hydrant, alligator shadow on a sewer drain … Or conversely, put the shadows on something completely un-related: dog shadow on public sculpture, groundhog shadow on a bridge. The un-related idea might force people to think a little bit more about what they are seeing. But then again, they might get more joy from it if it’s all spelled out for them

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