Digital frame

I was laying in bed looking at the same old photos in my frames. I thought it would be nice to have pictures that can swap in and out digitally. The retail prices for those digital frames are still like $150-$250. But I’ve seen several on ebay that are going for under $30.

Something really cool is that you can hook some of ’em up to a phone line and send your photos to it via the internet. Your grandma without a computer can get a new picture from you every day!

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20 years ago

i heard that bill gates has something like that… but these are large, painting-sized lcds hanging on walls all over his house that change images whenever he feels like or it can be programmed.
here’s a low tech way to do this – get one o’ dem free calanders you get from the bank – the ones that stand on your desk. then stick yer pix on each month and then you can flip the image to the next one whenever you get sick of the current image! you can have up to 24 pix! you can save yourself $150!!!

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