Discover your Jedi Name

In order to get your Jedi first name:

1) You must take the first 3 letters of your last name.

2) Then you must take the first 2 letters of your first name.

To get your Jedi last name

1) You must take the first 3 letters of your motherís maiden name.

2) Then you must take the first 3 letters of the town or city you were born in.

I am Malma Dunchi.

It’s kinda interesting that the last name of the Jedia is based on the mother’s maiden name. Is the Jedi based on a feminine social model? Aren’t all the Jedi men?

I tried finding famous people with the last name of “dun” that were born in Chicago, but nothing came up. But I guess by the very nature of the mother’s maiden name, that even if you found someone, they wouldn’t share the same Jedi name as you.

ï famous people birthplace

ï baseball players birthplace

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

“Saath Davann” I thought all Jedi were men, but too I thought all Iron Chefs were men, until they did the U.S. version and Cat Cora became the first female Iron Chef. No matter … Go Sakai!!

18 years ago

welli scharl there are female jedi like yaddle, for one

18 years ago

Maler Dunchi

18 years ago


Kim Quigley
Kim Quigley
18 years ago

Quike Powrea I’m not sure how I feel about having the name “quicky” associated with me!

18 years ago

mine is Musmi Armphe…where do u get this stuff anyways

18 years ago

Jende Smima…. sounds like something Jar Jar Binks would babble.

18 years ago

My name is Camedm. Does anyone know Yoda’s last name??

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