Fight against drunk driving in 1934

Wow. I often think of the battle against drunk driving to be an effort in the past 20 years. But they were posting ad campaigns even back in the 1930’s!

The National Archives in Chicago stores a bajillion-million files and papers on all sorts of stuff. My sister is on staff and they pull out the most interesting items like this one and posts it to their Facebook Fan Page. Join their Fan Page today and see documents pulled out that that have been hidden away for decades.

This image is from a Automobile Safety League of America photo gallery on the National Archives at Chicago Facebook Fan Page. (this particular image was pulled by their intern Gloria. Way to go Gloria!)

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12 years ago

Hi Matt! Thanks for directing me to this; I am involved in prevention work that includes impaired driving. Fascinating to see how similar — and different — the efforts were back then. I posted the photo set on our Straight Up FB page .. Hope you’re doing well!

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