How to make your existing business cards more interesting

Got some boring business cards? Here’s an idea to spice ’em up.

1) Buy an animal hole punch at a hobby/art store.

2) Punch the animal into your business card.

3) Look up some trivia or jokes related to that animal for fun, or even something business related.

4) When giving away your business card, if someone asks about the animal shape, share the trivia/jokes.

I’ve been punching cows into my business card for a few years now. People always find it fun to have that animal shape in there. When they ask why, I just tell them it’s to do something more fun with the card. Recently, I’ve been looking for more specific reasons, so I looked up some cow trivia: A business related one is “the word cattle is closely related to ‘chattel’ (a unit of property) and to ‘capital’ in the sense of ‘property.'”

And then there’s the fun trivia like: “There are 350 squirts to a galloon of milk.” and “A cow doesn’t bite the grass that feeds her, she curls her tongue around it and rips it out of the ground.”

This post was inspired by seeing the Showoff Cards on Scott’s site.

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16 years ago

i’ve been doing that hole punch thing for years also. I used a foot hole punch. The die is the shape of a foot print. I broke the punch a few years ago.

16 years ago

we have blank business cards at my office. They have the company logo, website, address, and main phone line. I like to use a Sharpie and make up crazy titles for myself.

Chief Show Officer
16 years ago

Unleash the “Superhero” in you and Be Unforgettable. Custom illlustrated business cards AND a personal Show Off Web Page.

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