If I had a mannequin foot…

I almost xeroxed my socks yesterday, but then I thought that was going too far putting my foot on the copier. Perhaps I need a mannequin foot.

If i had a mannequin foot…

  • I would walk around with three feet.
  • I’d make up new games of soccer where I can play sitting on the ground.
  • I would keep the foot in one of the stalls in the bathroom, dangling it just below the door, so nobody ever uses my toilet.
  • I would use it as a door stopper to one of our conference rooms. Then every time someone enters that room, they can make the joke, “I got a foot in the door.”
  • I’d scan the foot and say, “this is our digital footprint.”

If you had a mannequin foot, what would you do with it?

Ok, ok, so now I REALLY need to xerox my sock, so i have an image for this blog post. Here ya go:

Xerox print of my colorful striped socks

Kinda fun socks. My favorite socks are when a person is depicted in the sock. This should have been a different pair of socks, but I didn’t get the courage to xerox my foot until the next day.

The copy machine on our floor is right in the a pathway to the kitchen and bathroom. I had to time my copy just right, so nobody was walking by. Just as I finished xeroxing my foot, the executive editor of one our magazines walked by. Phew. I timed that just right. I wouldn’t want to get caught flat-footed.

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4 years ago

I like those socks

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