The tiny Ewok that conquered my home

Have you seen those miniature collectible figures from the Star Wars Micro Galaxy series available at Target, for $5? They’re incredibly tiny!

These toys are sold in surprise boxes with eight different “vehicles”—one of them being an Ewok with wings! HOW COOL!

But there was no way I was going to pay $5 for the CHANCE of getting one. I just wanted the Ewok with wings. The boxes are sealed, so you don’t know which one you are getting.

Thankfully, someone had already opened a couple of the sealed boxes, so I looked inside the first one. No Ewok. It was a tiny speeder bike. I looked inside the second opened box, AND IT WAS THE EWOK. I got it.

Wow, the figure is astonishingly tiny, just 5/8″ tall. For a moment, I wondered why I paid $5 for it. But aside from the five dollars, it’s a fun little toy to prop up into places.

Where the tiny Ewok can appear in your house

On soda cans

Ewok flying on he microwave. READY!

Ewok flying on the thermostat

Ewok flying on the dish soap

Ewok flying inside the dish cabinet

Ewok flying on the ceiling fan

This minuscule, winged Ewok is a fun surprise. Perched atop various items around my home, it has transformed mundane objects into stages for his own tiny adventures. Each new location is a story, a laugh, and a reminder that joy doesn’t always come in large packages. It’s about appreciating the small wonders, the details, and the moments of delight that a little imagination and a tiny Ewok can bring into our lives.

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Tom Saaristo
10 days ago

Cute and fun! Are the girls getting a kick out of him?

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