Monopoly gets makeover

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17 years ago

I don’t like having sports stadiums as candidates. about 3 or 4 of the cities list sports stadiums as a choice. Plus those sports stadiums are winning in each of the respective cities. I’m a die-hard cubs fan and i didn’t vote for wrigley field. My vote went to Michigan Ave. The other option is Navy Pier. I’m not a big fan of Navy Pier. It’s basically a floating mall. and a very bad mall at that. The shops are terrible. It pains me greatly to hear that Navy Pier is the number tourist destination in Chicago. Monopoly had so many other great institutions to list for Chicago and we get stuck voting for Wrigley Field, Michigan Ave, and Navy Pier.

17 years ago

i agree that sports stadiums shouldnt be candidates. most aren’t that wonderful. but i guess cities strongly identify themselves with their sports institutions. i wonder if more males are voting than females

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