power of the word

Yesterday, I went to a small talk at Tanagram Studio in Chicago. The owner of the studio, Lance Rutter opened with an interesting story his realization of the power of words. He was in college and became deathly ill after eating some fast food at a local Mexican restaurant, a burrito with everything on it. He was puking and puking. So he was taken to the hospital where this doctor was diagnosing him. But then the doctor asked him what he ate, and Lance replied, “A Gutbuster.” At that moment the doctor was no longer a doctor, he became a joe-schmo off the street. The doctor said that he’ll be fine, he just ate some bad food. Two days later, Lance had to have his appendix removed. There he realized what the power of the word has. So alot of the stuff that they do, they equally emphasize the visual and the word.

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