Real life stegosaurus for sale in Chicago

A person from Chicago is selling a life-size stegosaurus resin statue on eBay. I emailed him these questions:

I’m thinking of getting a stegosaurus. What does it eat? I heard they are vegetarians, that’s good, cuz i wouldn’t want to be buying meat for him all the time. I’m thinking of feeding him whatever is in season. So right now he would be getting buckets of apples.

Do you also sell heavy-duty fencing to keep the stegosaurus in my property? Or do you recommend that I just dig a moat? If so, how deep and wide should it be? I’m thinking 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep.

Thank you for selling stegosauruses on ebay, I haven’t been able to find one anywhere!

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13 years ago

Did you ever get a response? This post was a result of our IM converstation. I forgot what led to this discovery of the stego statues. I think i was just doing an ebay search for “life-size statues”.

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