Review of Chicago’s DIY Trunk Show

Fun crafts! By cool hip people! The DIY Trunk show was held on November 21, 2009 in the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. It was a nice show with good variety from lots of vendors. The location is in a great old multi-roomed building. Although the Renegade Craft Fair has their December show there, and it’s much larger, filling up the second floor of rooms. The DIY was just on the first floor. But still, a good show.

The organizers sent out a survey asking people for feedback. The last question was a fun one to fill out. Here’s my response:

Please provide any suggestions that you might have to help us make the DIY Trunk Show better:

I like cookies a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Um. Another venue would be nice to differentiate yourself from Renegade.

More monsters. More plants. More candy. More flashy lights. More trunks. Where are the trunks? Booze. Was there booze? Did I miss it? More music. Flowers. Somersaults. Ok. I now i’m getting off path. Somersaults. I mean, really. That’s just silly. Somersaults. Sheesh. What we really need is… more cartwheels!

I did really like how you listed the vendor websites on your website. That was cool. I liked being able to browse through and see who was gonna be there. Oh this is spudart of, btw. I like to stand by my comments and suggestions. HI!!! 🙂

Oh and luchador stuff. I would like to see more luchador merchandise. Seriously! I bought a crocheted luchador at Renegade and I love it very much. Luchadors rooooock!

I hope they implement some of my changes. Which ones do you think would be a good idea?

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Erin Ellis
14 years ago

cookie & booze!

14 years ago

i had to google “luchador” because i didn’t know what it was. cookies. any event with free cookies is a good event.

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