Sarcastic pessimists confuse me

At the risk of sounding elitist, I’m gonna bear down and say some things that crossed my mind as I read Rex W. Huppke’s article in the Chicago Tribune, “A new year is no time to change feelings about resolutions.”

Is this Chicago Tribune column a humor column? I hope so. Because otherwise I feel quite sad for the writer Rex W. Huppke as he says, “I don’t do much self-improving.”

It’s good he’s expressing honesty, because we all get stuck in ruts. But it’s also good to pick yourself up and do something. Then again maybe he’s just joking around. But many people mask their ruts with sarcastic pessimism. It’s something I have a hard time telling if they are just joking around or if they are serious or what.

What do you think of this column?

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