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sleeping and deadlines

A typical day for Thomas Jefferson started early, because, in his own words, “Whether I retire to bed early or late, I rise with the sun.” He told of a fifty-year period in which the sun had never caught him in bed.

Here’s a theory. People who get up late and rush in the morning every day get into a pattern where they generally deal with deadlines at the last minute. (like me). But those how get up early and have more time in the morning are able to start their day in a more leisurely manner and are able to continue that pattern throughout the day and achieve their deadlines better.

Rushing around every day as the very first thing you do must have some impact on the rest of your day.

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yeah well when Thomas Jefferson shows up at my door at 5am maybe we’ll talk.

Angie O'Neal

Interesting. Usually I’m in a rush in the mornings, and I know I feel less “together” once I get to work, since I’m usually a bit late. But by 10 or so I think I’m in the same mindset that I would be if I hadn’t been running around earlier. If anything, the adrenaline helps, sometimes.

Tom Saaristo

I agree 100%!! I awake around 5 or 5:30AM and take my own sweet time getting ready in the morning. When I’m at work, I’m rarely rushed or feel like I’m behind.