Solar flares are attacking my computer

Okay, now this is really creepy. Today I had this sequence of events.


A warning was given to the world by my blog post, Expect computer problems today, because of solar flares. (800.0 km/s speed solar flare activity) Little did I know that the warning would apply to me as well.


I wrote an email to the spacepics group about joking about missing files on my computer getting sucked into mysterious black spots.

From: Maldre, Matthew
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2002 8:29 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: [spacepics] Re: 2/6 Cosmic Infrared Background

but why are black spots in that picture all bitmapped? Are black holes some sort of computer phenomemon? is that where all my missing files go?

here’s the link to the picture


All the files on my website got deleted! That’s right a mere eighty minutes after proclaiming potential computer problems because of the high solar flares, all the files on the my site were gone! Blast you solar flares!

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