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Learning to write a phrase in Hindi

My wonderful wife wrote a gracious message on my Facebook wall for Father’s day. In her message she mentioned, “joie de vivre.” Not knowing what this phrase means, I headed over to one of my favorite resources on the internet, Google Translate. The default language for translations—for some reason on my Google—was set to Hindi. …

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3-leaf composition

At my work desk, I have a round table by me that rarely gets used. It’s now an art pedestal for the 1400 Gallery. (The gallery being my workspace in the Tribune Tower). This particular work of art is three leaves laid out in a composition. One might say it’s inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Or …

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Puddle jumper with BuckyBall jumprope, photo in print by Jheppc

Fun with Buckyballs

A package of Buckyballs sits in the 1400 Gallery (my desk at the Tribune Tower). The gallery was showing an exhibit of 10 puddle jumpers curated from a list of 56 puddle jumpers from Flickr. One of the sales people walks over and starts playing with the tiny metal magnetic balls. He puts them on top of the puddle jumpers. …

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G.I. Joe snow prints at the 1400 Gallery at Tribune Tower, Chicago

G.I. Joe snow adventures in comic books and 1400 Gallery

Comic books that take place in the snow are so cool. I love arctic adventures. Two G.I. Joe comic books take place in Antarctica. One from 1989 (G.I. Joe Special Missions #20), the other from 2006 (G.I. Joe Special Missions “Antarctica”) The 1989 comic book is really cool, because the interior pages are printed on …

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56 photos of puddle jumpers

Flickr is a-jumpin with photos of people jumping over puddles. Here’s 56 leap-tastic photos of puddle leapers. In honor of April Showers month in 2010, I found images of puddle jumpers on flickr and hung them up in the 1400 Gallery. I have the photo credits on record, I need to dig that up.