The Pigeon Dance

Doesn’t it look like the pigeons on this book cover are doing a line dance? There should be a line dance called The Pigeon. Here’s how the lyrics to the Pigeon Dance song would go: Every. Body. Do. The. Pigeon. Strut your head while you move forward. Flap your wings when someone gets too close. …

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My letter to a dance critic

Three dance critics got together to talk about “The art of the critic” at the Chicago Cultural Center. — Zachary Whittenburg, Time Out Chicago — Laura Molzhan, Chicago Reader — Sharon Hoyer, New City The three critics were all very interesting, in particular, Zachary Whittenburg of Time Out Chicago. I wrote an email to Zachary …

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Groovy Dancing Girl BandyToaster dancing to "Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger"

QUOTES: dance-dance-a-dancey-dance-dance!

It seems like everyone in the past week has made an inspiring post about free-form-let-it-bust-out-a-groove dance (thanks wembley, sparx, and mary! yooz all are the best!) Here’s my contribution to the area of let-it-loose-and-have-fun dance! The rhythm i feel is the the rhythm that matters when i dance. You can hear the music. The music …

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dancers animated gif

here is a hilarious animated gif of four dancers, what appears to be Voltron, a kung fu dude, a ballerina and Spider-Man. Whadda group. And look at those moves! Any idea on what brought these characters together?

The Mockup Dance

Doing the doe-see-doewith my X-acto!


Rhythm of time and materials. Wax everchanging. Wax sealing and preserving. Painted color figures dance. Old fashion newspaper clipping sealed. 2′ x 2′ acrylic, wax, plastic wrap, photocopies, woodSale for this artwork is negotiable