Fun with Star Wars

Enterprise vs. SDF-1 vs. Imperial Star Destroyer

If you were to space travel, what ship would you want? — Star Trek’s Enterprise — Robotech’s Super Dimension Fortress One (SDF-1) Macross — Star Wars’ Imperial I Class Star Destroyer

Funny fictional characters on twitter

Three funny fictional characters to follow on twitter are @darthvader @cobracommander @god_damn_batman I have a twitter list of funny fictional characters at!/mattmaldre/funny-fictionals/members. Do you have any suggestions for other funny fictional characters to follow?

Grand Moff Tarkin and Huggies

On the Grand Moff wookieepedia page, there is an ad for Huggies diapers. I love seeing Huggies diapers next to the Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin of the Death Star.

What’s your favorite fictional characters?

TV: — Uncle Iroh (Avatar Animated Series) — Spongebob Squarepants — Ron Stoppable (from Kim Possible) — Jazz (Transformers) — Balki Bartokomous (Perfect Strangers) — Rolf the Dog (Muppet Show) — Gonzo (Muppet Show) — Kramer (Seinfeld) — Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation) Movies: — Quorra (from Tron Legacy) — Buddy (from Elf) — Linkavitch …

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Alley Giveaway

Today Gapers Block featured a photo from my “Alley Giveaway” series. In effort to minimize my apartment, I got rid of a bunch of stuff. The alley behind me always has people trolling for things left behind. As soon as something is put in the alley, it’s gone within the hour. To have some fun …

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I suddenly have mind power

Five strange things happened to me this morning. 1) Farmers Market Sign I lived across from the same old “Farmers Market” building for 8 years. It’s not really a Farmers Market, as it’s more a shack. A couple months ago someone bought the property and has been renovating it. Early this week I was thinking …

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Counting in Jawaese

Jawaese is the language that Jawas speak in Star Wars. They are desert scavengers. Selling what they find. Thus numbers are very important to them. Here’s how to count to ten in Jawaese: 1 Po 2 Ko 3 Kyo 4 Yo 5 Dyo 6 Lyo 7 Does not exist in Jawa arithmetic 8 Ho 9 …

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What would an ewok trade to get the Death Star’s laser pointer?

The commanding officer of the first Death Star has a laser pointer. He’s willing to trade it to you. What would you offer to the Death Star Commander? Now, let’s add another layer to this. Let’s say you are an ewok. And you really want the Death Star Commander’s laser pointer. What would you trade …

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