Fun with Star Wars

search results for a new hope

Searching for a new hope

Searching for “a new hope” on flickr yields an interesting contrast of flowers and Star Wars photos.

Tweets about Paris and ewoks

Thinking about Paris and ewoks

Here’s a few fun tweets about Paris and ewoks. It's fun saying the phrase "Paris Ewok" — Spudart Matt Maldre (@spudart) August 27, 2015 I want to meet an ewok from Paris. — Ewok Lumat (@EwokLumat) August 27, 2015 On the Death Star, what area would be the equivalent to Paris? — Atour Riten (@AtourRiten) …

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How to count to ten in Estonian and Ewokese

Learn how to count to ten in Ewokese, or Estonian. Which is which? One language is spoken by short furry creatures on the Forest Moon of Endor. The other language is spoken by Finnic people in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. One language is based on Chalmuk, a Mongolian, nomadic tribal dialect. The other …

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8-bit Ewoks in Tiny Death Star

What can be cuter than 8-bit artwork of ewoks? Thankfully the ewok card came to me early in the iPhone Star Wars game, Tiny Death Star. The card proudly proclaims, “Furred natives of the forest moon of Endor, the Ewoks appear cute and somewhat dimwitted, but they are actually fierce warriors and skilled artisans. They …

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Star Wars E-5, E-9, E-10, E-11

The E-11 BlasTech rifle. It’s the standard rifle for Stormtroppers. But why is it called E-11? Is there an E-10? Or an E-9? A look on the official Star Wars Wiki reveals that there is: E-5 blaster rifle E-9 is a spaceship E-10 is a droid E-11 is the standard Stormtrooper rifle And that’s it. …

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The Jedi second language is Russian

The climatic duel between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi is performed on this Pepsi can featured by BevReview’s post, “Can Holiday: Star Wars Day‚ May 4.” The clashing of lightsabers. The intense stare. The competitive dance. The obscure language. Is this some sort of Star Wars language on Pepsi cans? Oh wait. It’s Russian. It’s …

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Museum of inspiring art

[LA Times, image via Smithsonian American Art Museum; a detail of Norman Rockwell’s painting “Shadow Artist” in George Lucas’s personal collection] George Lucas wants to build a museum of inspiring art. This is so awesome! YES YES YES. I’m excited not because I’m a George Lucas fan, but rather I want to see an art …

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Death Star Librarian

I tweet as the librarian on the Death Star, @atourriten. Come follow me, I tweet very little with that account, so you won’t get overload. Here’s one of my favorite tweets: I miss @the_management tweeting. He must be bogged down with administrative details of the Death Star. That or he got blown up. — Atour …

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Melting ewoks

The image of this ewok sketch card makes the ewok look like he’s melting. I contacted the eBay seller with the following message: Oh no! The ewok is melting! I don’t have a question about this auction, I just wanted to make that funny comment. I see that the wiggly lines are from pulling the …

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Top 11 podcast recommendations

Looking for interesting podcasts? My girlfriend was asking for podcast recommendations. Here’s my list of podcasts that I listen to regularly. They are sorted by which ones I listen to first. ChicagoScope Podcast My friend Leigh’s podcast. iTunes description: Audio and video podcast serving up news about Chicago and the Midwest. (5-60 minutes, random frequency) …

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