Nine observations about walking around public in Storm Tropper suit

Based on the video at

1) It would be fun to walk around in a Star Wars Storm Trooper suit and see people’s reactions.

2) It would be interesting to surf the web to see how many photos of you were taken. Every time you walk around in the Storm Trooper suit, you’d have an archive of all the places you’ve been.

3) It’s also funny that nobody tries to talk to him in the video.

4) It’s funny when people see him and just ignore him, “oh it’s just a Storm Trooper.”

5) It makes sense that people don’t talk to him, cuz people know that Storm Troopers don’t really hang out and talk.

6) It would be sweet to see like ten of them walking in unison. Would it be more intimidating or cool?

7) But then, what would happen if he was real? Like the Empire took us over and he was a REAL trooper?

8) Or what would happen if a country to tried to take over Japan? They would just have to dress their soldiers in Storm Trooper suits and it would be a piece of cake.

9) George Lucas was brilliant, because the Storm Trooper looks cool in any scenery with that all white armor.

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18 years ago

I couldn’t find the video. But i did come across his Storm Trooper photo gallery. All the photos are fun. But the best one by far is the one of him standing in the Subway train. It looks like he’s actually doing his Storm Trooper job. The other photos don’t have the same depth. They’re novel. Storm Tropper in beauty salon. Storm Trooper eating sushi. Storm Trooper reading a magazine. I would like to see more photos of the Storm Trooper doing serious business. It would be great to see the Storm Trooper standing guard in an Art Museum. Would Musuem security freak out and kick him out? or would they think he’s some sort of new art exhibition and let him stand guard all day?

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