New Darth Vader Costume in Episode III

Fans can get a first look at the new Darth Vader costume from the 2005 “Star Wars: Episode III” prequel on the upcoming DVD collection of the original trilogy, Lucasfilm announced Monday. The first three “Star Wars” films will debut for the first time in digital format on Sept. 21 with this DVD collection.

But I’m the only one on the internet who has a special sneak peek preview photo right here: Hayden Christensen in the New Darth Vader Costume!!!

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19 years ago

wow! that’s incredible! i thought he had a robot hand?

19 years ago

you never saw episode II. When the hot chick marries darth vader. They show them holding hands and he has a robot hand. It got cut off from that mean dude who had the lightsaver fight with Yoda. Remember? Young Darth charged the mean dude and the bearded guy was all like “no man! don’t charge him like that, you dang foo!” and the mean dude sliced off young darth’s hand. But there was no blood. That was really freaky. And then Yoda came in and got all judo on the mean guy’s a55. And young Darth was all like, “man my hand is sliced off, but me and the hot chick are shagging so it’s all good cuz he didn’t slice off my peepee.”

Just me.
Just me.
19 years ago

I think you’ve gone crazy since we last talked… and it’s so beautiful. Keep the geniusness of it all alive. Create damn it, create I tell you!

The Pirate King
18 years ago

hey i was wonderin what upgrades did they do to the vader man? i go run out and buy the trilogy to phind out but im poor and speaking of the trilogy, anyone notice in ‘a new hope’ that rebel guy w/ partner yetti sed somethin like “my ship can do the entire course in 5 parsects”? (parsects is a distance, not a time) thats like saying “my ship goes 50 lightyears per hour” Chewbacca: *yetti noise* (translation: “luke, I am your mother!) luke: “i dont even wanna know how that works!”

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