Give birthday greetings in ewokese

Ever draw a blank for what to write on someone’s facebook wall for a birthday wish? Draw a blank no more! Why not wish your friend a happy birthday in ewokese!? It’s a real language with a dictionary on the Star Wars wikia.

Here’s a greeting that I just left on a friend’s wall today:

I’ve summoned the ewok named Lumat to give you brithday greetings. Ready? Ok, you can go now, Lumat…

Allayloo Allayloo! [Celebrate celebrate!] May your birthday be full of Lulalar [singing] and Chiutatals [moons] and Drik [happy]. 🙂

Feel free to just copy and paste that greeting. Or use the ewokese dictionary to craft your own. Oh, and while you’re at it, I tweet as an ewok on twitter. Please follow ewoklumat.


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13 years ago

I follow ewoklumat. He’s great.

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