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Entrance of Walgreens on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Stunningly beautiful Walgreens inside landmark Wrigley Building

Do you love amazing views? Do you love amazing architecture details? The next place you should visit is–surprise! Walgreens. Walgreens recently moved 40 steps from its cramped quarters above the Billy Goat into the first and second floor of the landmark Wrigley Building next-door. Despite challenges with the layout, the store is absolutely amazing to […]

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Counting by tens instead of ones

Happy 30th birthday for the 8th time! Perhaps you’ve heard this joke. But what if this was really true? Perhaps there could be a number system that counts that way. Instead of counting on 1s, you count on 10s. What if we turned one year older every 10 years? When you turn “38” you are […]

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Prime numbers as we get older

Don’t you love it when your age is a prime number? I do. Currently I’m 37, a prime number! That only happens twice in your thirties (the other age being 31). Which decade of your life has the most prime number birthday ages? List of prime number ages, sorted by decade: 2, 3, 5, 7, […]

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A new birthday tradition, walk around your house

On your next birthday, you should walk around your house/apartment/condo the number of years old you are. On my birthday I will walk around my apartment building 37 times. The gates will make it a little challenging, but that’s part of the fun. In fact, some of the orbits I will do a parkour leap […]

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Grover birthday card

Grover-themed wrapping paper and photo album

Make custom wrapping paper based on the gift you are giving. I’m giving my one-year old nephew a plush Gonzo, so I made all the wrapper paper themed after him. I took a photo of Grover on top of a nice wood background and then printed a few 11×17 prints. I also used the Grover […]

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Give birthday greetings in ewokese

Give birthday greetings in ewokese

Ever draw a blank for what to write on someone’s facebook wall for a birthday wish? Draw a blank no more! Why not wish your friend a happy birthday in ewokese!? It’s a real language with a dictionary on the Star Wars wikia. Here’s a greeting that I just left on a friend’s wall […]

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