The key to health is variety

Metra conductors are on their feet all day long. Yet the majority of them are quite… thick. How is that? They walk and walk all day long. They should be in prime shape, right? It’s because they are doing the same routine over and over. Your body becomes accustomed to it.

Plus, it’s just nice to have a little variety in life. Every now and then my girlfriend sprints to the car, so I chase after her. Or doing some pushups in the morning. Or if you already do them in the morning, try them in the evening.

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18 years ago

You’re right about those conductors – but are you sure they are on their feet all day? 😉 Maybe they just go to another car and sit down for a while.

18 years ago

By the way .. I have variety in my life – I eat chcocolate, icecream, pasta, cake, cookies, potato chips .. how come I’m not healthy? 🙁

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