Top six things to do with a leftover pile of dirt

What to do with a pile of dirt left behind by the city of Chicago? Stick a flag in it.

The city of Chicago installed new curbs a couple months ago at Giddings and Oakley in Lincoln Square, but they left behind a big pile of dirt. Every time I walk by that dirtpile, I think of all the things that it could be.

1) A mountain (hence the American flag on top)

2) A ice cream sundae (put a big cherry on top of it)

3) A big present (put a big bow on top)

4) A monster’s head just peeking out of the ground (put a little tuft of hair on top, and big paper cutout eyes at the foot of the pile)

5) Another planet (put some cutout astronauts and an American flag on top of the hill)

6) A big anthill (put some plastic ants on the top of the hill)

What else could you do with a big pile of dirt?

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17 years ago

find a mannequin arm and stick it in the dirt so it looks like someone is in the dirt pile trying to reach out.

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