Top ten places to leave comments in 2010

In 2010 I left comments on 1,374 photos and blog posts across the web. Where are these comments? Here’s the top ten places:

141 comments: veravivagirlco on flickr.

Vera has mighty observational powers and uses her camera to capture many many interesting slices of Chicago.

102 comments: unlikelymoose blog.

He’s my twin brother and he blogs every weekday.

77 comments: srhbth on flickr.

Sarah is another prolific photographer. She has been known to stay on a bus ten stops past her stop just to capture a photo of graffiti on a bus seat.

44 comments: windycitizen blog.

Anyone can submit a Chicago story to this site. You can vote for which stories you like, and they get moved up on the homepage. It’s a nice Chicago community here.

41 comments: sparxmind blog.

Sparx makes fun and interesting insights. I’m telling ya, if you want to know a guy that comes up with interesting projects, you should follow sparx.

29 comments: assignmentchicago blog.

I tell everyone that this is one of the best blogs on the web. Alex, a Chicago Tribune staff photographer, doesn’t just post interesting photos, he also gives great explanations, behind-the-scene stories, and thoughts on being a photographer.

18 comments: chicagoist blog.

One of the long-standing Chicago blogs. It’s a standard.

12 comments: digicat on flickr.

Cat posts fun photos. I like the ones with the birds on a wire.

11 comments: chicagonow blog.

The Tribune gets a variety of bloggers to post about a variety of topics. I tend to follow Art Talk Chicago and Going Public.

10 comments: andertoons blog.

One of the best cartoonists out there. Mark posts fun about being a cartoonist and other random things.

The honorable mentions:

10 comments: greatscott on flickr

9 comments: artinstitutechicago on flickr

9 comments: littleguysblog blog

9 comments: summerdressgirl on flickr

8 comments: vivagirlco on flickr

8 comments: unlikelymoose on flickr

7 comments: tom blog on xanga

7 comments: chicagooutdoorsculptures blog

7 comments: withthepoodlesalready blog

7 comments: prettyhandsome on flickr

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12 years ago

unlikelymoose in the house!

12 years ago

Spudart! Thanks for all your comments and for this mighty shout out!

Damian Harpel
Damian Harpel
11 years ago

Damian Harpel Doesn’t Exist

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