Two minutes on Dominica flag from a Walgreens window

I stood in a Walgreens dish soap aisle for two minutes recording a video of the store window. Why? Because this Walgreens, in the historic Wrigley Building, features a fantastic view of 34 flags of all the South and North American countries.
All the bright vibrant colorful flags waving vigorously demand shoppers attention. Although, there really aren’t too many shoppers in this area of Walgreens, because this view is tucked away on the far side of the second floor. This really is one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Yet, it simply lays right on the tourist-haven shopping district of Michigan Avenue.

The flag in this video is from Dominica. Smack in the middle of the flag is a green parrot on a red circle. Talk about contrast! The sisserou parrot is their national bird.

Wikipedia’s entry on the Flag of Dominica:

The green field represents the lush vegetation of the island. The cross represents the Trinity and Christianity, with its three colours symbolising the native Indians, the fertile soil, and the pure water. The 10 green five-pointed stars stand for the country’s 10 parishes: (St Andrew, St David, St George, St John, St Joseph, St Luke, St Mark, St Patrick, St Paul, and St Peter), while the red disc stands for social justice.

The sisserou parrot is sometimes coloured either blue or purple (the parrot’s actual colour). The use of purple makes the flag of Dominica one of only two flags of sovereign states (alongside the flag of Nicaragua) to contain the colour.


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