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My twin brother Erik has a new interesting blog over at www.unlikelymoose.com/blog. Check it out.

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Very cool! I’ve been waiting for word on the new blog at unlikelymoose!

18 years ago

Sometimes while sitting in church I wonder is I was a magnet for the trouble. I mean not only was I blamed for the communion card draws but also defiling Ms. Puffy’s room. When it was easy to know that two girls in the church did it. Sad note was that Victor go blamed with me. He so really wanted to be a Pastor like either of the pastor at hope. Unfortunately Mr. Miller went out of his way to blame me which had gotten poor Victor in trouble. Already being use to these accusations I just let it roll off me. Until I could see how upset poor victor was getting. So I had to force the girls to confess. I remember Hope it was a strange little school. While I do mis the Maldre brothers and quite a few others, I am glad that chapter is gone. Mister Miller use to get angry at my sport practices because I was aweful a practice. Better on the actual track. There was that time he left my in Marquette Park alone. Luckily the Rohl daughters stayed with me until was picked up. Thinking back it was an experience in a half. Full of fun moments and not so fun ones. Like the brick through the window during confirmation class.

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