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Waiting can be fun

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When is waiting fun? I’m compiling a list of things that are fun waiting for. Please feel free to contribute to this list in the comments of this post.

  • I like to wait until I eat my entire fortune cookie before reading the fortune.
  • When converting an entire CD to mp3s, I like to wait for them to finish converting before listening to any of the songs.
  • In the morning during rush hour in Chicago, sometimes I like to wait for everyone ahead of me to go up the stairs first and then I run up the empty stairs.
  • Waiting at the the deli counter can be fun watching what the deli cutters work. (Unrelated fact: Although now I don’t buy deli meat, but I do buy cheese)

What are some of the things you enjoy waiting for?

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11 comments on "Waiting can be fun"

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i used to save my caramel at the end of my Caramel Sundae at Mcdonalds. I used to dig around it, eat the ice cream first, then eat it at the end.

Tom Saaristo

Mmmmmm … caramel! I like waiting for everyone else in the elevator to vacate before me. I like waiting for the toast in the toaster. My toaster doesn’t pop-up, it just shuts off. When the cycle is done, I like to wait for the residual heat to remove any excess moisture and thereby really “toasting” the bread. I like waiting for thunder. When lightning strikes I like to count until it thunders. I like waiting for my turn at the barber. It’s relaxing watching other people get their haircut and flipping through magazines.

Andre Alforque

I’m impatient and hate to wait. 🙁

Tom Saaristo

How funny! I just signed on to come back and comment that I like to wait for the movie to start! Even at home I don’t fast forward through all the stuff before the movie starts because I like the anticipation of waiting!


I like waiting in line for rollercoasters and other such thrill rides. I think its fun when theres a long line and you have to meet the people next to you; becoming friends for only a short while and then enjoying something together. It’s like sharing something that can never be exactly re-created with people you will probably never see again.

Marco Buscaglia
OK, I agree. My Hot Doug’s/iPhone post was about waiting for something that you can easily get somewhere else or at a different time. I do enjoy waiting for several things in my life, including: -My daughters’ to finish their dance rehearsals/classes. Some nights I wait in the car outside the dance studio and read. Other nights, I watch them dance. Either way, the wait is easy. -Waiting for the L when there is a musician on the platform, especially the guy at Washington who plays electric guitar and sings wordless notes to this really ethereal music. I’ll let a… Read more »