Wallbreakers: Kool-Aid Man, Incredible Hulk, Juggernaut, and …

Oh yeah! *busts through wall* Kool-Aid Man is on the scene. Everyone likes a person–or thing–that breaks through a wall.

— Kool-Aid Man

— Incredible Hulk

— Juggernaut (of X-Men)

Can you think of anyone else that breaks through walls?

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Your Kool Aid character is outdated. He now wears pants

The Professor
15 years ago

Spider-Man’s nemesis Rhino also slammed through walls.

15 years ago

i love the scene in x-men 3 where juggernaut slams through the walls one right after the other. Did Batman have any enemies that could slam through walls? Mr. Freeze could freeze the wall and break it with a stick of some sort. Mr. Freeze is great. He’s one of my favs. Gov. Arnold did a terrible job of Mr. Freeze in Batman 4. He almost single-handedly destroyed the Batman franchise.

15 years ago

it seems like it’s a Marvel Comic thing to break through walls: hulk, juggernaut, rhino. I don’t think there’s an DC Comic character that is known for busting through walls.

12 years ago


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