19 websites where you can post an event

Public calendars:

Social sites:

Local papers/websites:

Eventful.com will also post to the following sites for you:


  • Your blog
  • Email groups

Do you have any more sites where you can submit an event? Please leave a link in the comments. Thanks!

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14 years ago

Does July 17 have some sort of significance? Spain ceding Florida to the United States?

14 years ago

A little misleading and certainly inaccurate eventful and upcoming should listed as a social sites, eventful certainly isn’t a local paper or website (like sfgate.com). Public calendar would be someone like Trumba. You’ve left out Going which is in a few major cities Last I saw eventful doesn’t put you on zvents.com which is where you really want to be to get syndication. zvents runs most of the newspapers so posting there is really your best “local papers” suggestion (gets you in print too). You also have Oodle and Yelp, though they aren’t worth it and they should just partner with someone else. Nice start on a list though! Very helpful

Abhay Shah
Abhay Shah
14 years ago

People still use Friendster?

14 years ago

I run a service that posts local events, and on the website there are lists of places to post events for each market we’re in: http://www.fullcalendar.com A couple notes: Trumba provides calendar software/services for sites to host on their own site. Zvents provides event calendar software/services to several newspapers, usually one, maybe two, per city. To draw a crowd, of course the more personal, the better – your own list is best, and posting to places where you have a personal connection is good: lists where you’re a regular contributor, alumni lists, etc. But to reach people who don’t know about you or your organization at all, there are hundreds of places to post events in each major metro. HTH.

13 years ago
13 years ago

If you are in Seattle check out SudoPole.com for seattle events. It’s free to post, and allows you to receive daily or weekly emails to stay in the loop. They are fairly new so not a ton of events are posted yet, but I bet there will be soon.

Joe Bodia
13 years ago

http://www.ThinkScene.com is a new events listing service, completely free to post your events on, and the best part is, your events also will appear on Think’s other websites…

12 years ago

You can also post your events at http://www.meetup.com

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