A live animal version of the Scoozie plush toy

(if you cannot view the above video, you can view it on my flickr account, “Talking ferret scoozie stuffed animal plush.”)

Sometime during the late 90s, I bought this plush ferret from a grocery store. He has a voice box inside so when you squeeze him he can say nine amazing ferret phrases:

• "hehe-hooo"

• "schoozme"

• "rrrraaawwwwrrrr"

‚Ä¢ "woooah… waaa… CHOO"

• "grrrooogrroooo"

• "ehehEH"

• "emmmmmm-MUAH hehe"


• "eeeehhhhWAAAAAAA i wuhwuhWUH"

But now, there is a live animal version of my beloved speaking plush toy.

Roosevelt, originally uploaded by Sweet Pea Cattery.

I wonder if you squeeze him, if he’ll make nine different sounds.

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14 years ago

wasn’t that scoozie something you gave as a birthday present and the person threw it in disgust against the wall when he opened the gift? I hope no one does that to poor little Roosevelt. He looks tired.

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