A short selection of Filet-o-fish videos

Give me back that filet-o-fish.

Give me that fish!

Give me back that filet o fish.

Give me that fish!

What if it were you hanging up on this wall?

If it were you in that sandwich you wouldn’t be laughing at all.

The McDonalds commericial taking over the nation.

Take a look at the URL that McDonalds is promoting:


It’s supposed to read:

filet o fish .com

But it looks like:

filet of ish .com

Mmmm nothing tastes better at McDonalds than some ish. Lemme get some good ish.

Or better yet it looks like:

file to fish .com

Really! I can get my fishing license at file to fish.com?

I love that commericial so much, here are some more filet-o-fish vides on YouTube:

Some teenagers react the commericial in front of a cashier at McDonalds. It’s pretty hilarious.

Patting burgers.

Something tells me this girl is patting this burger a little too much.

How to say “filet-o-fish”

Filet-o-fish challenge

Eat 10 filet-o-fish sandwiches in 7 minutes.

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13 years ago

Wow, I had no idea you were so into the Filet-O-Fish. (Or fileto fish, ever seen one of those?) They are really heavily advertised around here right now because so many people give up meat on Fridays for Lent. I had to eat a Filet-o-Fish sandwich once – our order was messed up but we were already back on the road and I had no other shot at lunch. Blehhhhh. (I am not even going to watch that last video! gross!) My captcha is May06 for this comment… that almost rhymes with FiletOFish.

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