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A smoking ban is like banning public urination

Walking behind someone who is smoking is like walking behind someone who is urinating in public. Who wants to walk behind a trail of smoke?

There are many similarities between smoking in public and peeing in public:

• Both ends up stinking

• Both are annoying in public

• Both offenses orginate from a stick-like shape (at least with men)

• Relieving to the person peeing and the smoker

• The public pee-er and the smoker really enjoy their activity at the expense of others.

So if you are a public smoker that is upset about the smoking ban in chicago (or any other city), just try to think of yourself as a public urinator. If you were in a restaurant, you wouldn’t just drop your pants and start peeing on the floor.

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I’m very happy about the ban. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m calling smokers “filthy pig” in public. That is often coupled with the 25 yard dash … fortunately the smokers can’t run that far and give up before they can catch me. Now, about public urination … :^P


okay….I take issue with this. It’s MORE like suicide in public, which may be just as distasteful, but ends up with the happy consequence of a dead idiot. You don’t want us idiots living forever now, do you??

Bill  Hannegan

The initial comments do not sound enlightened but rather prissy and bigoted. The dangers of active smoking have been greatly overstated and the dangers of passive smoking hardly exist. Plenty of smokers are not killing themsleves and no smoker kills bystanders. Go to for the truth about smoking.


Yeah, but at least smoking in public won’t get you a citation for lewd and lacivious behavior that could qualify you for registering as a sex offender in most states if convicted. >^..^< Sharon [a smoker – but only outside”>


[*sp”> lascivious