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A good friend bought me something from, but the wrong item shipped. Now I’m sending it back, and they will send me the correct item.

I thought I’d have some fun with it, and leave them a sticky-note with the CD I’m returning.

Hey amazonial dudes,
These ain’t the right tunes! Spongebob just simply cannot groove to these superannuated dowdy numbers!!! Gimme some of dat real stuff! You know what I mean.

I like that weird last sentence in there. It leaves it open for them to think, “what DOES he mean?”

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laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

what should have been the RIGHT item? a “Spongebob Sings Country” CD?

Angie O'Neal
21 years ago sent me the wrong thing yesterday. It’s interesting to see what people buy – some woman in NJ spent $15 on a tiny bottle of toothpaste!

21 years ago

i don’t get it.

21 years ago

you have pretty pretty handwriting. hmm.

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