Angels can wear Buerhle jerseys

Today is the second day in a row that I saw someone walk by and then the EXACT same person walked by a minute later.

The first experience was sitting at the first floor cafe outside Nordstorms on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I saw some college kid with his parents walk by. That guy made me specifically think about memories of walking in the mall with my mom. Then a minute later the same guy walks by again. Going the same direction.

The second experience involved a girl wearing a 56 BUEHRLE White Sox jersey on the red line. She stood by the doors waiting to get off the next stop. It’s a bit unusual to see someone wearing a White Sox jersey on the north side of Chicago. As she stood there, it made me think about how people follow sports like a religion. Granted sports are good, because it gives us common ground to have something to talk about. Conversation is good.

But sometimes people find their true identity in their sports team. c’mon, it’s a bunch of guys playing baseball. What if the conversation was about something more important? What if instead of the game last sunday, we talked about the sermon last sunday? Instead of stats, what if we talked about verses?

All these thoughts crossed my mind as the girl with the 56 BUEHRLE jersey stood waiting to exit the train. Wanting to tweet these ideas, it would be nice to have a photo of the girl wearing the 56 BUEHRLE jersey. The photo app on my phone took literally about 30 seconds for it start up. Very strange. As soon as the doors open at North and Clybourn, she gets off the train and I miss my photo.

Oh well. Then two stops later at Chicago Avenue, who do I see get off the train? The EXACT same girl wearing the 56 BUEHRLE jersey. I just saw her get off the previous stop. Literally. I saw her get off and the doors close. How in the world was she on the train again getting off at the previous stop?

Factor in that my phone couldn’t start up the photo app to take a photo of the girl, and it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, this person was an angel. We are told angels are in our midst. Maybe this angel was wearing a 56 BUEHRLE jersey. (And after all, Buehrle did throw a PERFECT game)

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

I am of the firm belief that if you are open to seeing angels or ghosts or anything of that ilk that you more likely to see them than those who aren’t. I’ve had similar experiences and just the other day 2 guys walked by me and said “Didn’t we just see him walk by us!?” It would be hard to confuse me with someone else: I was carrying a small shopping bag from Japan, I had my favorite blue and green stripped tie tucked into my shirt and I was wearing my favorite sunglasses. I’m no angel … or ghost … at least that I’m aware of, but being part of a conversation wherein I was being called out as such was pretty interesting.

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